Why Invest?

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Pioneers in Branchless Banking

  • Digital bank with unique business model and over 20 years of operations
  • Highly scalable technology driven business
  • Nationwide deposit gathering and asset generation platforms
  • Attractive lending niches with growth opportunities generation platform

National and Regional Asset Generation Platform

  • Diverse collection of specialty lending franchises
  • Market "go-to" lender in several niche categories:
    • Single Tenant Lease Properties
    • Dental Practices
    • Horse Trailers and RVs

Disciplined Capital Allocation

  • Balance sheet management strategy focused on capital efficiency
    • Growing "capital-lite" fee-based businesses
    • Ongoing loan portfolio rotation to fund new lending opportunities

High Quality Loan Portfolio

  • Asset quality remains among the best in the industry
    • Driven by a strong credit culture
    • Lower-risk asset classes

Near-Term Profitability Drivers

  • Continued deposit repricing opportunity combined with stabilized asset yields
  • Accelerated build-out of nationwide SBA platform
  • Residential mortgage originations expected to remain strong

Entrepreneurial Culture Key to Success

  • First Internet Bank has been recognized for its innovation
  • Consistently ranked among the best banks to work for
  • Enhancing its ability to attract and retain top talent